Become a member

-Become a Member

If it is your desire to become a member of Community Baptist Church, please meet with the one of the Ministers, and or when the Pastor extends the invitation at the end of a church service, or in the Pastor's office by appointment.

There are three (3) ways to become a member of Community Baptist Church:
-By Baptism 

Any person who professes faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, gives evidence of repentance from sin, and agrees to the doctrines and proactices of this church will become a member upon baptism.

-By Letter

Memebers of other Baptist Churches may be recieved by letter from that church certifying they are members in good standing.  A letter will be requested upon indication of their desire to become a member, and their willingness to submit to te doctrines and practices of this church.

-By Statement

When no letter is obtainable, a person may be recieved by giving testimony of a prior conversion experience, declaring they have been baptized by immersion following that conversion experience in obedience to Christ in a church of like faith and doctaine, and upon their indication to submit to the doctine and pratices of this church.