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Name:Led By:
Adult Choir
Anointed One's Choir Bro. J. Allen
Children's Choir Sis. T. Burt
Children's Church Sis. G. McDowell
Convalescent Ministry Bro. J. Kennedy
Culinary Ministry Bro. M. Letizia
Deacon Board Bro. C. Kemp
Deaconess Board Sis. M. Smith
Follow-up Committee Rev. H. Lee Turner
Kenya Mission Sis. A. Kibwaa
Mall Ministry Sis. E. Fulton
Media Ministry Sis. T. Turner
Men's Ministry Rev. H. Lee Turner
Music Ministry
Praise and Worship
Prayer Wheel Team Sis. F. Johnson
Redwood Gospel Mission Rev. K. Parker
Repast/Funeral Ministry Sis. G. Peyton
Saturday Academy Bro. H. Jackson
Sick & Shut-in Bro. R. Banks
Social Media Ministry Sis. T. Turner
Special Needs Ministry Bro. C. Kemp
Sunday School Bro. C. Kemp
Transportation Bro. J. Allen
Usher Board Bro. R. Fulton
Vacation Bible Study
Village Project Youth Academy
Wise and Wonderful Ministry Sis. S. Lawrence
Women's Ministry Sis. T. Turner
Young Adults Praise Dancers Sis. T. Burt
Youth Praise Dancers Sis. E. Letizia