Children and Youth Service

We are committed to instilling a strong foundation for our community's youth; we provide many opportunities to improve their lives through guidance, spiritual teaching, and positive role modeling. Children are invited to actively participate in our church activities in a variety of ways. We offer children's Bible study, and a Children's Service once per month. Youth can also help teach children Sunday School or be ushers during our regular services. Our children and youth services are supported by several of our annual fundraisers. Some of our other youth services and activities include:

  • Children's Church Service - We provide church service every Sunday and a full church service every 4th Sunday for children. Our Children's Service provides an atmosphere where kids are free to move, play, and laugh while learning the bible on their own level.
  • Sunday Funday - This fun event occurs the 5th Sunday of the month, featuring food, fellowship, and fun activities!
  • Hallelujah Night - Held annually on October 31st at Cal-Skate from 5:30pm - 8:30pm, this event is a safe, enjoyable alternative to Halloween - without costumes. All ages will enjoy fun, fellowship, and even look forward to receiving a goodie bag at the end of the night.
  • Children's Choir - We have a children's choir, so kids have a chance to develop their musical gifts and become more involved in our services. The Children's Choir sings on the third Sunday of every month.

Worship Online

Community Baptist Church Rev. Dr. H. Lee Turner, Pastor

Facebook Page: Community Baptist Church of Santa Rosa

YouTube Channel: CBC1620 live


Tuesday: 6:30pm WOMEN’S Bible Study “Coffee with Christ” (Zoom live). Uploaded to our YouTube channel weekly. Materials shared on screen so you can follow along. Email us if you would like to join us live for this study.


Noonday Bible Study uploaded to YouTube weekly. Materials shared on screen. July 22nd we begin a new 6 week series “Why Do I Need The Church”

6:30 pm Adult Bible Study (Facebook Live) Book of Revelation

Children's Bible Study uploaded to our YouTube channel every Wednesday night.

Thursday: Special Needs Bible Study- uploaded to our YouTube channel. Materials are shared on screen- “Stories About the Prophets Who Warned Israel”.

Thursday: Choir Bible Study- uploaded to our YouTube Channel . Lesson page is shared on screen.

Friday: 7:00pm Adult Bible Study- (Facebook live) Book of 1 Chronicles. Lessons are uploaded to our YouTube channel.

Saturday: 2:00pm Boot Camp: Basic Biblical Orientation (Zoom Live). Materials shared on screen. Saturday: 5:00pm Saturday Night Prayer (Facebook Live).

Sunday: 9:00am Sunday School- (Facebook live) Romans 4

10:00am Sunday Church Service (Facebook Live)

Toddler Church- Uploaded to our YouTube Channel following online service.